Pink-Collar Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of underrepresented groups and using art to promote equality. Developed by Sunderland-based curator Michaela Wetherell whose particular passions are highlighting female (under)representation within the arts and the relevance of working-class identity.

Starting online to support artists in the pandemic and to develop an exhibition programme. Since 2020 Pink-collar has worked with over 155 artists, commissioned 20 new pieces of work and focused on issues such as mental health, working-class identity and femicide. 

Now in 2024, Pink-collar Gallery has broken out of the internet and has been popping up throughout Sunderland with events and exhibitions around the city. With plans to have our physical gallery in the centre of Sunderland in the near future.

Our next 2 years will be focused on -
  • Supporting and developing the careers of North East working-class artists.
  • Making creativity accessible to all, especially women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Exhibiting working-class artists and telling working-class stories.

For more information about the Director of Pink-Collar click here ︎ for her curatorial portfolio and CV.