OPEN CALL - RE-IMAGINE Feminist Artists Changing the Narrative on Femicide

When a woman's life is taken, so much more is taken from her: her name, her story, her interests, her identity, her hopes and dreams. This happens not just at the moment when she is killed, but when her murder is represented in mass media, if it is represented at all. 

On the 3rd March 2021, Sarah Everard was walking home from a friend’s house and was kidnapped and murdered by a Metropolitan police officer. This sparked outrage in the UK: women took to social media to talk about their experiences of harassment when walking home, and Reclaim the Night marches took place throughout the country. Sarah’s murder was devastating, but hers is not the only tragic story: in the UK one woman is killed by a partner or ex-partner every three days. When these women are older, living in poverty, disabled, or women of colour, their murders rarely receive the same media attention or outrage. When the media does talk about femicide, women are repeatedly blamed for their own murders, with people focussing on women’s lifestyle choices instead of blaming the men who commit violence against them. The law doesn’t take violence against women and femicide seriously either.

Sadly, femicide is a global issue. In fact, it is the biggest killer of women aged 19-44 in the world. So, Mexican feminist art collective Las Iluministas and UK online gallery Pink-Collar Gallery are coming together to create two parallel online exhibitions, ten pieces of public art and ten documentary videos - five in Mexico, five in the UK - challenging how femicide is portrayed in the mass media and changing the narrative.

We invite artists to re: imagine, re:name, re:create, re:think, and re:tell the real stories of the women whose lives have been taken by femicide. 

The Proposal

We are inviting artists who identify as women and as feminists to create activist artwork around the theme of how femicide is portrayed in mass media. The work will be displayed online in parallel at Pink-Collar Gallery ( and Las Iluministas Gallery (

Within this open call, we will select 5 Mexico-based artists and 5 UK-based artists to develop their online work into pieces of public art (poster bombing, murals, graffiti, performance, etc - anything goes!), which will be displayed in Mexico and the UK respectively. This means that the general public, who may not seek out digital feminist spaces, or those who do not have easy access to the internet, will be able to engage with the art too. The process of creating and displaying these ten pieces of public art will be filmed by the artists themselves, creating ten short videos to exhibit.

Themes to think about -

  • The imagery of murdered women in the media.
  • The use of language about femicide in the media
  • The invisible media attention on the murder of Trans women, women of colour, older women and disabled women.

To find more inspiration, check out our Instagram pages @pinkcollargallery (English) and @las_iluministas (Spanish).


Deadline for submissions: Midnight 11th June 2021 (EXTENDED UNTILL 25TH JUNE) 

Artists will be notified of the final decision by: 3rd July 2021 

Thanks for participating in this open call!

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, and return the signed and completed application form as a PDF and JPEG image(s) to

Please email with the subject ‘RE-IMAGINE SUBMISSION’.  

If you would like to do an audio description or video recording instead of writing please feel free to do that instead. 

You can copy and paste information below into any doc you prefer to use or click on the Google Doc logo.


Any questions contact us at the same address.

Or click onto purple icon to use Google form (please still attach image(s) to noting that you have used this form)

Terms and Conditions

  • We will accept all forms of art that can be turned into public art, including (but not limited to) performance, installations, video, mapping/gifs, and illustrations that can be turned into murals or posters. If you have any questions about whether we will accept your proposed art form get in touch.
  • By submitting your work, you give us permission to republish it on our social media accounts and promotional materials. We will always credit you as the artist. 
  • We will display selected artwork in two online galleries: Pink Collar Gallery and Las Iluministas. There is no remuneration for artworks displayed in the online galleries.
  • Pink Collar Gallery and Las Iluministas will commission 5 UK-based artists and 5 Mexico-based artists to turn their submitted artwork into public art. If you do NOT want us to consider your artwork for commission, tick the box in the application form.
  • Each commissioned artist will receive £500 for creating their artwork, plus a small fee for travel or materials.
  • UK-based artists will work in the UK and won’t be travelling to Mexico (and vice versa).
  • We have confirmed partnerships with Tees Valley Arts (location TBC), Durham University (location TBC) and Pineapple Black (window display in Middleborough). Three of the selected commissions will be displayed in partnership with these organisations.
  • You must follow any established Covid-19 safety protocols in place at the time of creating your public art.
  • All public artwork needs to be video recorded. We will discuss this in more detail with the selected artists upon commissioning them.
  • Pink Collar Gallery and Las Iluministas’ decision on which artworks will be displayed in the online galleries and which will be commissioned is final. We will not display artwork which glorifies or sensationalises violence against women.
  • Pink Collar Gallery and Las Iluministas take no responsibility for any issues that might arise from displaying your work in public. It is the artist(s)’ responsibility to secure relevant permission to display the work in public.
  • Work selected for the open call exhibition will be an unpaid opportunity.
  • We will interview shortlisted artists before making our final decision on which artists will be commissioned to turn their work into public art. This will be an informal discussion to talk about your plans in more details, and will take place via video call.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions.

You and Your Work

Your Name and Pronouns -

If we display your artwork in the online galleries, can we publish your name? 
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Social Media Handle(s)  -

If we display your artwork in the online galleries, can we publish your social media handle(s)?
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Your website or portfolio
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Email -

Title of Work -

Would you like your artwork to be considered for commission into public art?
Yes / No, I only want my work considered for the online galleries

If yes, can you travel within the UK?
(three opportunities will be based in the North East of England).


If your answer is NO can you explain why? 

About the Work (Tell us about your artwork and, if relevant, how you would turn it into public art. What message do you want to communicate? Where would you display this work? Who do you want to reach? What format will the public art take? No more than 500 words)

About Yourself
(note you do not have to be a professional artist to apply.)  

(No more than 200 words)

Do you consider yourself a feminist activist?  Why?
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What role do you see art playing in feminist activism?
(No more than 200 words)

Submitting your artwork:

  • Please attach one piece of work, naming the file as follows: yourname_titleofartwork
  • You can add sketches, audio or video to explain further your public art commission (this is NOT mandatory)
  • Image size must be no bigger than 15MB and high res; video or audio files should be no more than 4MB.
  • If you choose to create artwork relating to a cultural context outside of your own, please consider how to do this respectfully. We will not exhibit work we consider imperialist or racist'.