Janín Garcín  

¡Vivas Nos Queremos!

Location - San Luis Potosí


This artwork is developed from research carried out by the artist on femicide in the city of Juárez, which was one of the first places in the country where the word femicide began to be used. She began to understand the importance of the story of the mothers who are looking for their daughters. In the act of femicide, perpetrators do not only take one life, but they also take the life, the day and the night of the mothers who seek answers, who leave no stone unturned seeking their daughters, who seek justice. Making this struggle visible is very important to Janin. The work will be transformed into a mural on the outskirts of San Luis Potosí, where those that we have forgotten live, to decentralize art and reach those women who also experience the feeling of being a woman in Mexico.

For Janín, the personal is political, and getting to know the feelings and experiences of women who have experienced violence has allowed her to continue to shape feminist art in public spaces and on walls, to represent us in places where we are not; she tries to make walls embrace women with what she paints. Art in feminist activism is very necessary. Janín and her colleagues founded the first feminist school of Urban Art in Mexico, called BRAVAS, which arose with the intention of creating safe spaces for women who paint or want to start making murals, graffiti or large-format illustration. None of this would have been possible if they had not felt inspired by feminist activism.