Me Garden of Eden
John James Perangie

Pride is what John feels when they think about their working-class identity and Solidarity is something that they know will always be visible within the working classes.This video is an
an attempt at dissecting their own working-class identity as a Queer artist and a comment on the socioeconomic state of the working classes.

Connecting objects such as John Smiths beer, potatoes, Heinz baked beans and party poppers to John’s working-class identity. Creating scenes of past memories growing up working class.

John's outfit is their depiction of the traditional male suit attire, something they explore throughout their work. John would only see people in suits if there was a special occasion or if you were in your local pub. They have always been interested in the suit and how that set of clothes speak to us and how they can be altered to change the way they are perceived.

Using the motif of Old Miner's banners, something that has always been a fascinating object to John, they constantly saw them in their village growing up, A little pit village in County Durham. John also remembers once a year for a day they would bring out the banner to parade it around the village, A day of celebration and remembrance for the workers. John's banner is the celebration of EQUALITY FOR ALL // SOLIDARITY AND PRIDE.