Location - Mexico City


In this participatory action, the artists invite passersby to fill out a "certificate of survival." It attests to women’s survival in this patriarchal system. The women who participate reflect on their personal experience and ideas for how to end femicide, stating what they can commit to doing and what they can urge the state to do to protect women. The work took place in three peripheral points of Mexico City - Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl (Edomex), Tláhuac and Xochimilco. It is important to activate the piece in the outskirts of the City because it is where women are most vulnerable, where femicide takes more lives and perpetrators enjoy more impunity.

Mine and Fru have been feminist activists for eleven years. They believe that artistic practices have a critical potential, since they allow us to reflect on and question the conventions and mechanisms that oppress, constrain and violate people. Art allows us to create spaces outside of established places, new spaces and relationships that fracture the patriarchal system. Art imbues feminist activism with colour, play, creativity, community.