FOCUS - WORKS BY Karen Sikora.
Location: Otto, 29 Stockton Rd, Sunderland SR2 7AQ
OPEN UNTIL - extended until 25th June 2024. 



ARTIST SUPPORTING ARTISTS - Freelancing Together Days.
Location - Port Independent
Time - 8.30-14.00

All types of creatives, students welcome, just bring your laptop or pen and paper

Free drop in session.
Come to one or all others.
Every Wednesday

Art Goss!- A relaxed and informal evening to learn more about notable artists and art movements throughout history.

Location - Port Independent
Time - 18.00 - 20.00

£7.50 a ticket (click poster for ticket link)

Learn more about why Frida Kahlo is still a feminist icon for the ages, why the male genius troupe needs to get in the bin and learn more about the dark and fascinating world of the DADA movement. Join the curator and director of Pink-collar Gallery and Art History nerd Michaela Wetherell to learn about art history's most scandalous and outlandish people and movements.


2nd talk in June - Art Edition - Debunking the male genius and the far more interesting women behind them.

3rd talk in July - Let's talk about DADA and why we need it now.

4th talk in August - Scandalous! Top 10 shocking pieces of artwork that made us clutch one's pearls.

All Welcome

Children are welcomed but during the talk, please be aware that there may be instances of strong language used and possible images that may be upsetting.

Hot & Cold beverages and snacks are available to purchase in the cafe.