Our Mission as a Gallery. 


Pink-Collar Gallery CIC is an art organisation dedicated to the promotion of women and working-class people and using art to promote equality, working in the North East with Sunderland being our base. Addressing the emplacement in the arts, we want to support and develop working-class artists. Developing workshops, talks from indivduals and organisations working in the arts and mentoring sessions. We aim to help emerging creatives of all ages wanting to work and develop their practice in the North East. Alongside workshops, we will be producing an expansive exhibition programme which focuses on the underrepresentation of women in the arts and championing working-class identity. Through facilitating exhibitions and access to creative workshops for communities in Sunderland we aim to show art is for all and everyone can learn and enjoy it. 

We set up PCG as our director, Michaela Wetherell who was born and raised in Sunderland struggled to get into a career in the arts. We want to share her experience and others like her to break down the gatekeeping of knowledge and skills and to change the stigma that just because you come from a lower socioeconomic background the arts is a viable career for you.