Project Woman

Faith Maddison

2nd June-29th July 2022

Faith's practice as a painter is underlined by feminist sensibility and seeks to create undeniably and over-exaggerated feminine aesthetics to confront sexist oppression. Exploring this idea, through the relationship between abstraction and representation, through the use of female portraiture, is informed by a variety of feminists who have influenced and informed feminism throughout history.

With aims to confront the male gaze superiority, larger than life portraits of significant feminists, that form a major part of her compositions, take an authoritative presence, and are incorporated with images that challenge a widely held detestation of ornamentation and decoration within a painting. The addition of three-dimensional elements to her paintings enhances this.

Colourful abstract composition, informed by the overproduction of kitsch in relation to girls' childhood toys, barbie pink and flowers, is also informed by the nostalgia of girls' childhood bedrooms. The use of a red hue seeks to convey vigour and a particular kind of power that is related to various dominant women from both history and the contemporary world.

Faith’s photographic practice takes the form of feminism in 2 different ways. She first use it as a documentation tool, inspired by Cynthia MacAdams, in order to show confident feminist women in a widely associated ‘feminine’ environments such as in the garden surrounded by flowers or doing‘typical woman activities’ such as shopping.

She also use it to recreate her paintings, which allows her to capture women identifying individuals of the modern world as if they were one of her decorative portrait paintings. Since they are alive and Faith is able to meet and talk with them on their views of feminism, which allows her to create better informed paintings of the women if she decided to use the photographs as not only a standing practice on their own by also as reference photos. In transforming her paintings into photographs, she take the same approach and she make them as visually interesting, and decorative as possible.