Gina-Maria Marchella McCarthy.
Preview 22nd Oct 6-9pm
22nd Oct - 20th Nov 2021
Pineapple Black Window Display.
Performance will take place throughout the duration of the preivew. 

Click to play the audio accompanied this window piece.


She was just... glowing. Everything that she had ever dreamed of had come true.
I want people to know that apart from her obvious beauty, her little laugh and her little mannerisms, that just reflected a quiet, but deeply caring, intelligent, very loving person. She was really you're all american girl. She was a good kid. she had the whole world ahead of her. She was a fun loving child, very happy go lucky. Very active in school did whatever she could was in whatever clubs she could join. She was fun, loud, girly... you know... sassy. She was a very independent woman, you know? very strong willed, in control of her own life.. she took the bull by the horns. she was a rare gem, to have as a friend, and we were lucky to have been with her. she looked at the world so much deeper and with so much more meaning that anyone that i had met. most people were concerned about prom dresses, she was concerned about all kinds of things. she was very philosophical she wanted to know how the world worked and how the universe worked and how god worked. id consider her an old soul. she also had a light, more carefree side. quirky is the key word when it comes to her cause she did have a different sense of humour and she knew how to make everyone laugh. she liked to make faces. her and her friends would just act goofy sometimes. she was a really energetic kid from a very young age, she was a bit of a daredevil. she liked to do skateboarding and the climbing walls. she liked going, and just kinda, taking risks and stuff. her greatest passions were drawing and music. she was a bright, honour role student, who was so gear to learn. she would read books, 4 or 5 books at once. smart kid, she was a smart kid. It’s the truth, you know, she was one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. she wasn’t just beautiful on the outside. she was beautiful on the inside too. She was very down to earth, very real. Fun. She was a very beautiful girl. She was very funny. She liked to talk a lot. A tomboy to a tee, she always wore jeans and sneakers. A social butterfly, she was very outspoken. Very tomboyish but she also had the pretty cheeky side to her also. Really reserved. She liked her school she liked her friends, she made everyone feel welcome. Her cellphone was going off quite often. She liked pink a lot, that was definitely her signature colour, if she could have put the world in pink she would have. Such happy, normal, American girls. Very happy to be alive, and happy to have her friends. I don’t think I ever saw her without a smile on her face. A girl that beautiful, of course she has a boyfriend. She was the kind of person, I could have had the worst day at school of been arguing with my mom or something, and within minute of being around her, none of that mattered. She just had a very strong presence about her. She was just one of a kind. She was a real sweet girl, just real sweet all the time. She wanted to go to college, she wanted to be a doctor. She didn’t really talk too much, she was very academic i mean thats all she would really talk about the few times we had long conversations. All about school and how she wanted to this and that. She had plans for herself, she definitely had future plans. She had such a special spirit about her, you can see that spirit on photos of her she just exudes something special and you just wanna smile whenever you see her, and she was just like that in person. She was always a tomboy, but she was very careful. If she thought she might get hurt she wouldn’t do it. Quite contented as a child, ya know? You didn’t always have to be doing something with her she was quite happy. A bright, fun loving girl who enjoyed spending time with her family, shopping with friends, every inch a typical teenage girl. She was very thoughtful actually, she knew everybody birthdays, and she used to panic if she didn’t have enough money to go buy somebody a card. Very, very loyal to her friends. Always put them first, always. I think of the two of us she was definitely the most bubbly, had the most friends ya know? Found it easy to communicate with people so most people got on with her. If anyone was having a party she had to be there, she liked to party for sure. She liked dancing, she’d look after all the kids at the parties too and dance and play with them all night so the parents had the freedom to go do what they wanted. I mean, personality wise she was just fantastic, she even enjoyed little bits of modelling and stuff when she was younger. So outgoing. She’d talk to anybody and everybody and make them feel welcome. Just had a way with people. She was very sweet, always did as she was told. on the odd occasion when she didn’t, you were quite gobsmacked! She was very very generous, she would give you her last sweetie and think nothing of it. It’s almost awful to use the word “perfect”, but if you could have a child who was good as gold, and did the right thing all the time, she was the one. She’s like a little ray of sunshine, she made you happy. she’s just so kind, i honestly can’t get across to you how kind she is. Funny, daft! So daft she’d make you laugh by just starting dancing for no reason! Just so lucky to have had her for a best friend, she the best friend anyone could have in the whole world. She just makes me laugh still, so much, how funny she was and how crazy she was. Knowing she was really sweet and really kinda, but just so funny. She loved nothing more than a night with her girlfriends. Caring, kind and petite. As soon as you heard her voice in the house it just brought a smile to your face and the whole place just filled with sunshine.