Mexican Artist Commissions Addition

1st November - 30th November 2021

Lorena Malo
Janín Garcín
Vika Álvarez

Welcome to RE: IMAGINE, a feminist art collaboration between Las Illuministas (Mexico) and Pink Collar Gallery (UK), which seeks to challenge and change the narrative on femicide.

Femicide is a global problem. In fact, it is the leading cause of death for women between the ages of 19 and 44 in the world. When a woman's life is taken, much more is taken from her: her name, her story, her interests, her identity, her hopes and dreams. This happens not just the moment she is murdered, but when her murder is featured in the media, if it is featured at all. However, in the media and in society in general, women continue to be blamed for their own murders, and perpetrators continue to enjoy either very low prison sentences or complete impunity (in Mexico, for example, it is estimated that between 90-97% of femicide cases end in impunity).

We, and the artists who have participated in this project, deeply believe in the power of art, especially feminist art, to make us question and change dominant narratives. Art gives us another way of seeing things. Art evokes sensitivity, emotions and above all, empathy. The role of art in feminist protest is becoming increasingly important and that is why we called on feminist artists to re: imagine, re: name, re: create, re: think and re: tell the real stories of women. whose lives have been taken by femicide.

Pink-Collar has just finished an exhibition with over 100 pieces of artwork by Mexican and UK woman artists. We received more than 100 proposals of murals, posters, performance, digital interventions, audio and video pieces, illustrations and photography. Together, these pieces told the truth about femicide, which is very different from what the media usually describes. These pieces told us that the act of femicide is the culmination of a myriad of male violence against women that takes place daily in every corner of society. They told us that women and girls victims of femicide are our friends, sisters, cousins, mothers; they are people with dreams and goals that will never be realised. They told us that we are fed up with ignorance, indifference and impunity in the face of femicide, and that every day we are becoming angrier, more visible, more active and more committed to the feminist struggle.

Within this exhibition we selected 5 uk artists and 5 mexican artists to create their proposal into public art. This exhibition is to celebrate all the Mexican commissions that were created in September - October 2021 throughout Mexico.

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This collaboration was made possible thanks to the support of Arts Council England, University of Durham, University of York, and Tees Valley Arts.