RE-IMAGINE Video Exhibition

Lorena Malo // Janín Garcín // Mineyfru // Yellowgirl // Vika Álvarez // Gina-Maria Marchella McCarthy // Jessica Warren // Georgina Lance // Bettie Hope

4th August - 28th October 2022

Last year, Pink-Collar Gallery & Las Iluministas worked together to create RE: Imagine, bringing together artists based in the UK and Mexico to create powerful artwork to tackle the widespread misogyny in our societies that leads to femicide, and which means women and girls are re-victimised after their deaths. We invited artists to submit proposals for public artwork that would reimagine our collective understanding of gender-based violence and femicide. We received more than 100 proposals for murals, posters, performances, digital interventions, audio and video pieces, illustrations and photography. Together, these pieces tell the truth about femicide, which is very different from what is usually told in the media: that femicides are not isolated incidents, they are the most extreme expression of infinite sexist violence that is carried out every day at every level of society. From these proposals, we commissioned ten pieces of public art (five in the UK, five in Mexico), and displayed other high-quality proposals in two parallel digital exhibitions. We commissioned mini-documentaries on each selected commission.

Presenting 9 short documentaries of the commissions created for The Re-Imagine Project. Edited by Claudia Matamoros & Isaac Cordova.