What the Night Brings
Tallulah Lines 
24th May 30th June

Tallulah Lines is a Newcastle-born artist who has spent almost half her life living away from the city, elsewhere in the UK as well as in Spain and Latin America. These experiences have had a major impact on her work. Living and working in Mexico especially is one of the most important influences on her development as an artist, and elements inspired by Mexico including colour, style and material are all evident in her work.

The collection of work in this exhibition is inspired by the night, in all its mysterious, at times solitary and at times hedonistic, manifestations. Tallulah is a feminist artist and most of her work focuses on the female form. Nudes are presented in ways which aim to appeal to the female gaze, drawing the female viewer into a relaxed, luxurious and quietly confident sexuality, a sexuality for women, not for the male gaze. Others are more solitary or introspective images of women alone with their thoughts, ideas and plans, or creativity - women enjoying the quiet and solitude of the night. The feminine power of the night and of magic are captured in other pieces, especially those that represent Hecate, the three-headed goddess of the night, the moon and witchcraft. These pieces invite us to embrace the night, not to fear it, to relax into it and see what magic it can bring us.

All works are for sale, if your interested please email pinkcollargallery@gmail.com