Vika Álvarez 


Location - Mexico City 



Dalia is a series of posters that were placed as a mural in CDMX with a QR code that leads to the Manifesto that the artist made to improve her practices as an illustrator.  Vika’s work is based on her own experience creating content on social networks related to femicide and the tragedies that have happened in her country, Mexico. Vika thinks that feminist artists and activists have made serious mistakes in this process, such as sharing undignified images of femicide victims, and she wants to create the same awareness that she developed after realising that instead of doing something positive, she was causing the revictimisation of a woman. She has tried to capture this process of self-criticism and reflection in Dalia.

She learnt that deconstruction always begins by questioning ourselves in order to be better allies of the movement and of the people who need it, since her work in it is not about her, but about communicating and amplifying a collective voice in the best possible way. .

Her work is an invitation and a challenge to people who continue to perpetuate these behaviours or consume them on social networks. The purpose is to constantly ask ourselves what we share, how and why we do it; what is the purpose of our platform and what is our responsibility; what role are we playing in all this?

Click here 📖 for the manifesto