Volunteering Open call- She is everywhere working with Jessica Warren.   


Following a commission from the Pink-Collar Gallery and Las Iluministas Jessica is searching for  participants to collaborate in a public performance for their ‘Re-imagine project’ which aims to  change the narrative on Femicide.

Femicide is the murder of a woman by a man because of her gender. This word has been swept under  the carpet for too long. In June 2021 a Uk Government ‘Tackling violence Against Women and Girls  strategy’ was announced yet it fails to address the worst form of men’s violence against women and  girls: their killing. It is extremely important to name it, it is femicide and it is one of the biggest killers  of women all over the world. 

‘She is everywhere’ will be a collaborative performance in a public space (Quarry Hill Nature reserve,  Nelson). The performance is concerned with the murder of women whose bodies are abandoned in  natural spaces. Environments play a huge role in decomposition, which is the first stage of recycling 

nutrients from living beings into simpler living matter. This natural happening of recycling of life brings  forth thoughts of victims of femicide. Men have taken their life, but their bodies are absorbed and  reutilised by the earth. Nature is inherently feminine, and this fact can act as an expression of  reclamation and is somewhat comforting.

This is an open call for female-identifying participants to lay in harmony with the environment, lay still  in solidarity with victims of femicide that are abandoned in natural environments and to lay and be  aware of what nature is capable of. When these women are killed, everything is taken from them, the  only thing left is their bodies, which nature inhales and breathes back out into our air, water, and  food. and because of that they are never forgotten, they are embedded in our land, soul, and future. 

Your part 

You will be asked to choose a spot in the space to position yourself in.

You will lay in that spot for an hour (However it is fine to leave whenever you wish) Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. 

This performance will go ahead even in the rain, so be ready to get wet if this does happen and wear  appropriate clothing. 

After the performance I would like to know about your experience, so you will be asked to send an email within 7 days, this can be as short or as long as you wish, or if more convenient a voice  recording will be acceptable. 


-You are female-identifying.

-You can travel to the location.

-You are 18 or over

Participants that are interested please email me at with subject ‘She  is everywhere’ to let me know you want to be a part of the performance.

I will email back a health and safety sheet and an acceptance to document sheet which you will need  to fill in and email back to me before the 25th September 2021. 

Emails will be sent out with any further information before the event. 

Reminder: This role is volunteering only, there will not be any expenses or payment for your  attendance. 

Other opportunities: 

If you are interested in documenting the event, I am looking for someone who has an interest in film. I  have photographers and a drone photographer lined up however I am looking for someone to video  the performance as the performance will be getting put into the Pink-collar Gallery and Las Illumnistas  documentary about the Re-imagine project. 

The performance will take place on: 2nd October 2021. 

Please meet at: Quarry Hill Nature reserve, Nelson, Lancashire. At the Waidshouse road entrance at  12:30. 

We will then enter the nature reserve to the space in which the performance will take place.  The performance will last from 13:00-14:00, however you can start or leave when you feel but please  be respectful for the participants during the performance.