Yo Soy Mía
Location  - Mexico City


Men who kill women are not just horrible monsters that stalk us. They are usually part of our intimate circles, our family, friends, partners, people we have an emotional bond with, who we sleep, laugh and grow with. Those who think we are property. This performance seeks to bring this problem to the streets. Femicide is a subject that is ignored and minimised. Yellowgirl appeared in the spaces on the ground, without moving, to disrupt everyday life with a sign that says, "We don't turn up dead, they kill us." She stayed there for about 110 minutes, with every 10 minutes representing one of the approximately eleven women murdered a day in Mexico. Every 10 minutes, a recording will sound, featuring headlines that romanticise and normalise the murder of women, and blames them as victims. During the performance, women are invited to share their feelings about gender-based violence on a blackboard which was set up nearby. The performance was carried out in busy areas in four different zones of Mexico City, each one representing different stages of a woman: girl, adolescent, adult and older adult.