Karen Sikora


Karen Sikora is an artist and educator based in the North East. Karen studied Fine Art at Sunderland University receiving first-class hons. After finishing her degree she taught at Arpire, a learning, support and wellbeing centre for women. Whilst working in the arts she received her M.A. in Fine Art and Education with Commendation from Northumbria University.

Her artistic practice is autobiographical; she is primarily a painter using acrylics and playing with colour and mark-making to express how she feels, sometimes moving through difficult emotions to a happier outcome or gaining insight about relating in general. Colour is her language; her work is bright and playful with dark undertones. Karen is experimental and uses found and domestic materials to create installations.

Karen has exhibited around the North East at Arts Centre Washington 2022, 2021, Baltic 39, 2017 Gallery North 2016, The Priestman Building 2015, WillieNillie 2013, Durham University 2012, and The Lamplight Stanley 2012.




As a young girl, Emily could be found up in the hills surrounding her home in Cornholme, Todmorden, West Yorkshire. This is where she jumpe in streams, ran after sheep and made perfume out of blossom. A love of nature has always been a part of her passion for being creative with bright, bold colours. Emily lives through colour, and this is reflected in my unique paintings. Emily has a BA (Hons) from the Northern School of Art and an MA in Art Education. These qualifications have allowed her to have a very successful teaching career in Art, Design and Photography.