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Collection: Albert B-C

Albert B-C is an emerging artist living and working in Sunderland, having completed his MA in Fine Art in 2023. His diverse body of work includes portraiture, sculpture, found objects, street art, and graffiti, all brought together in a style informed by postmodern collage techniques. Albert’s holistic creative enterprise involves engaging in a variety of artistic pursuits, reworking these elements into large-scale paintings and collages.

His focused works encompass classical drawings and portraits, lino carvings, sculptures, typography and graffiti pieces, textile and colour experiments, and expressionistic paintings and drawings. These pieces are created in isolation before being integrated into his larger self-collage process. Albert’s striking, intense, and tactile works feature a rich library of information expressed through his bricolage visual and symbolic language, incorporating recognizable elements of pop culture and contemporary life.
Albert is also dedicated to expanding the local art scene and market through running exhibitions, participating in collectives, collaborating with other local artists, and contributing to public art through the Council’s Future Walls project, which aims to create murals and public artworks throughout Sunderland. He is currently converting his home into an exhibition and studio space to host exhibitions and collaborate with local artists.
Albert B-C