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Collection: Emily Josephine

Emily Josephine uses oil paints to express her feelings and describe her memories. Emily’s inspiration comes from her surroundings, past events, and dreams.

 Emily creates a series of oil paintings that are set in an alternate reality.  She has created a dream-like world to explore the feeling of believing you live in a fake reality, and the theory of solipsism, which is the belief you are the only person who exists, and nobody else can prove to you are conscious, nothing is real. 

 The world she has created revolves around the medieval character of the Jester; an unserious and silly character, and all the characters in this world have similar traits, and everything is back to front, and opposite and wrong. There are deer as soldiers, long dogs as horses and a shih tzu as the king.

 She takes inspiration from surrealist painters, as well as medieval tapestries, and renaissance art, to mimic techniques and choose colour pallets. As well as using her collection of thrift clown ornaments and dolls as references for the costumes of the characters.

Emily Josephine