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Collection: Jordan Quinn

Jordan Lee Quinn's practice is built on foundations of spontaneity, fragmentation, play and eclectic taste. Quinn's self-named 'Scruffunpop' style uses these foundational elements to combine compositions characterized by the mix of materials and techniques, vibrating subjects, contrast, repetition and repetition. Quinn reflects a playful yet active thought process during creative sessions. Wanting to highlight the physicality and history embedded in each piece's surface before being reconstituted again as art. Quinn has established a distinctive artistic presence and made themselves known within the Sunderland artist community and seeks to further challenge conventional notions of taste and aesthetics, highlighting the value in unapologetically bad taste. In their ongoing development of style and artistic theory, they want to further deepen their ties to local arts and craft communities, fairs and art scene developing their Scruffunpop style across boundaries. Focusing on the tension between muddiness and clarity. With this momentum, they seek to depict evermore fragmented and nuanced topics within their artwork regardless of the object it finds itself on.

Jordan Quinn