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Collection: Pamela Ormston

Pamela Ormston is a secondary school art teacher originally from Dublin, Ireland. She has studied in London and Newcastle and now resides in North Shields. Pamela holds a degree in Fine Art, having graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art Multidisciplinary Studies.

Her work captures snapshots of life at the seaside, highlighting the bustling activity that is drawn to it. Pamela is fascinated by the hive of human life that scurries and meanders along the water’s edge. Her paintings depict charming moments of children playing, coffee and ice cream, sea swimmers, pier jumpers, and bathers against beautiful seascapes in all weather conditions.
Inspired by the colours and forms of the seaside and the imagery that evokes memories, Pamela’s work preserves these precious moments in paint on canvas. As a mother of three lively young children and a teacher who lives by the pace of the school bell, she is acutely aware of the speed of passing the time, which fuels her desire to capture these fleeting moments.
Pamela Ormston